10 years Brigitte & Jürgen

My good friends Brigitte & Jürgen recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. 10 years!! I have known these two for such a long time – Jürgen just a little bit longer than Brigitte – I met her the day they got together, 13 years ago. And these two – that is the most beautiful love story I know. In the whole time they have been together they have hardly been apart. And when they had to be apart for a few days after all, she stayed with me because she couldn’t sleep on her own.

On occasion of their 10th wedding anniversary we organised a photoshoot at the Belvedere Palace. It was incredible to have these two in front of my camera. Just like they were only had fallen in love sparks were flying, you could actually feel the love. This kind of love is incredibly rare and I am so intensely happy that I could capture some of this beautiful moments with my camera.

Dear Brigitte & Jürgen, again I would like to wish you all the best for your anniversary. It is so beautiful to see that you are still just as much in love as you were the day you got married. On to many, many more wonderful years and enjoy your pictures!