A photoshoot at dawn with Elke

A week ago I made two new experiences. Firstly, my first photoshoot with somebody I didn’t personally know and secondly, my first photoshoot which didn’t happen during the day.

I also learned two things through that. Firstly, you do not need to be scared of Models, which you don’t know and secondly, with natural light alone you can not do much picture-wise after dawn. Most of the pictures were ’noisy‘ and beyond repair even with Photoshop. But some turned out actually really well. We experimented with candles and the outcome was really not bad at all.

Elke made it really easy for me though. She was easy going and natural and basically a dream for each photographer because she was not scared of posing and was happy to try something new.

Dear Elke, it was a pleasure! You can find the result of our shoot below.