Father and Son – a walk on a bank holiday

Last bank holiday we got to spend a little time as family again. At the moment this happens very rarely, because we are renovating a flat right now, add to that Job and child, and so of course time off as a family tends to fall a little short. So it was really nice to walk together through Schönbrunn and the zoo.

You should never underestimate the moment. Moments are gone so quickly – in mere seconds. What’s left are memories. And sometimes, yes sometimes photos remain. That is probably one of the reasons why I love taking pictures. Photos help to preserve beautiful memories and to relive moments. And this picture below will from now on remind me of a beautiful Monday in August, when we took a walk through Schönbrunn as a family, just the three of us, all alone, without obligations or appointments.

At the moment I actually try to take my camera anywhere and this photo proves that usually taking your camera with you is worth the hassle.

Vater und Sohn beim Spaziergang durch Schönbrunn
Spaziergang durch Schönbrunn