Photo shoot in autumn with Gwen

So I have been quiet for a while. Unfortunately I was down with a nasty cold for a few days. But sometimes that can actually be a good thing. 5 days I was not really able to take care of my little one and even though this was really difficult for me and made me very sad, it was also a relieve┬áto get a bit of a break. Well, actually the first 3 days I couldn’t move, because everything hurt. My whole body hurt, add to it a hammering headache and an incredibly sore throat – well you can imagine, that those 3 days I did not do very much. On one of those days I actually slept 3 times during the day! (Anybody who knows me, knows what that means!).

But thankfully I am much better now and finally I am able to look after Gwen’s beautiful photos albeit much too late!

This photo shoot in October was especially beautiful. Those gorgeous colours of autumn paired with Gwen’s amazing red hair – an absolute dream! Besides that I haven’t seen her in forever, so we were able to use the time to catch up. That’s exactly how I like it! ­čÖé

And finally here the photos of gorgeous Gwen!