Sunday morning at the Danube Canal – Stefan

Recently I had a photoshoot with David’s Best Man Stefan. And this photoshoot really was quite something special for me. On the one hand it was naturally a unique chance to be able to capture Stefan, but on the other hand it was also my first photoshoot with a man.
Understandably I was quite nervous to begin with. Of course one would think that a photoshoot with a man is not that much different to one with a woman, but yes, it is actually a huge difference. Most of the go to poses you can do with a woman, would just look – let’s say – ridiculous with a man.
So of course I did my homework and did some research, but in the end I just trusted my gut instinct as usual. The result more than speaks for itself, I think! 🙂
Supposedly Stefan was nervous too. Well, that did not show at all and on the contrary he actually made it quite easy for me to show him from his ‚best side‘.

Well then, first session with a man completely successful! And here the pictures of evidence! 🙂