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Baby feet – newborn photoshoot at New Year’s Eve

Good evening my dears,

as this post is more than over due, I decided to just get it done right away.

At the end of November 2016 my oldest friend (in reference to the length of our friendship, not her age. 😉 ) had her newest addition to her family. Baby no. 3 is a beautiful little lady and I had the immense honour to capture her on my camera.

My friend and I don’t see each other very often, so the newborn photoshoot was a great reason to meet up again. I was able to hold the little lady the moment I walked in, so her Mom could gather all her clothes, so her and I had some time to bond and get to know each other. She was awake during most of the photo session and was looking curiously directly into the camera, like a real pro. I guess she has inherited that trait from her Mom, who was Mrs Austria in 2010. 🙂

We took our sweet time and cuddled a lot in between, so I was able to make a beautiful gift to the parents with her photos.

Dear Isabella and Rob, congratulations again. You have a beautiful little girl. She is a cutie and already as gorgeous as her older siblings and her parents. :-*




Baby Photo Shoot

Well, now I have officially had my first baby photo shoot! Before this particular photo shoot I was quite excited and nervous, because I didn’t know the baby nor the parents. Parents (and Grandma, who was also there) as well as baby (even though I wouldn’t have suspected otherwise) have been delightful and instantly I felt at home there.

We took our sweet time for this photo shoot, so we could make sure the little peanut got as many breaks as he needed. As I am a Mom of a little boy as well, I know that babies have their own schedule and most of all need lots of quiet and affection. Our little Shooting Star was awake or at least only dozed through most of the photo shoot  and mostly wanted to be in Mommy’s arms, so instead of a Baby photo shoot we did a ‚Baby&Mom‘ photo shoot and the result turned out really great. I think (and hope) that the parents enjoy the photos and that our little Star will love to look at these photos when he grows older.

All the best for the future, to the little family and I would be glad to be photographing the little man again in the future.

Enjoy the photos. I know I had a lot of fun during this special photo shoot and hope to have another little angel in front of my camera very soon! 🙂